• The detailed organization and implementation of a complex operation.
  • The commercial activity of transporting goods to customers.

The Oxford English Dictionary

David Leak Logistics – The Northwest’s reliable weekly service to London and the South. From our HQ in in Rural Lancashire we are ideally located to service our clients across the Northwest and provide a valued link to the busy Art industry in the city. Likewise our friends in the South have developed strong relationships with Antique dealers, restorers, interior design, private clients and salerooms from Cheshire to Cumbria and beyond.

We are dedicated to Fine Art and Antiques. The industry we work within excites us to say the very least. It’s constant yet ever evolving to suit a passionate market and it’s wonderfully informal. It’s old school… Deals are still derived face to face, battles are fought in the saleroom, honesty and discretion is King and a knowledge as deep as the pockets will usually prevail.

Dedicated to Fine Art and Antiques means exactly that. What I must stress is that we take our role very seriously when handling cherished items. We feel that delivering a set of used alloy wheels to an internet stranger for example is conflicting to our role. We don’t do house clearance or removals, waste or rubbish disposal or student moves. There are hundreds, maybe even thousands of #specialists out there who can cater for those needs at unbelievably competitive rates.

Our service to London operates every Wednesday. The vast majority of our regular clients favor speed and reliability for delivery over perhaps cost. Saleroom purchases can often incur extra storage charges. An art buyer might want to see the fruits of their spend post haste. The sooner a restorer can begin work on a piece the sooner it can be back on display in the gallery. Interior decorators have their deadlines to meet… and so forth.

We pride ourselves on establishing genuine relationships with our clients to create a broad and valued network across the industry. We will always try to introduce interior designers to dealers, private collectors to experts in their field of art or the right restorer for their needs. Likewise we fully understand the importance of discretion, privacy and most of all… the trade secrets.

The last thing to mention is possibly the most obvious. It goes without saying that our dedication to safe carriage of art and antiques is absolute second to none. The duty of care to our clients and their items is never ever compromised.  Our future as a business is only as strong as our track record and sound recommendations. We are a personal service and do this for a living because we choose to. We thrive on it and are privileged to carry some of the finest art and antiques for some of the best in the business.

Please take some time to explore the rest of the website and if we haven’t met, don’t hesitate to introduce yourself whether you have an immediate need for carriage or otherwise. It will be great to hear from you.

Kind regards, David