Our new service starting Autumn 2018 is designed to aid furniture and art buyers, interior decorators and their respective dealers alike. Working closely with the interior design industry over the last couple of years we quickly became familiar with the term “on Appro“. In principal, a buyer might see an item of furniture they adore, perhaps at a fair or online and naturally wants to purchase. Now if this was a pair of shoes you might first check the size and then of course try them on for the perfect fit. Maybe even see if they match your socks while you’re at it…? Easy.

A little bit more difficult however with a 16 seating dining room table, a Gorge III secretaire bookcase or a pair of marble topped chiffoniers?!? It’s dimensions might be in perfect proportion but the look and feel of a piece can’t be affirmed until it’s in situ. So the dealer offers it for sale “on Approval” to allow the buyer this opportunity, confident that it will ultimately end up as a sale.

Quite often, aside the furniture dealer it can be an interior decorator that has the vision and their clients trust to go forth and source the right pieces for a project. Being able to see their ideas come together, without the risk of a firm purchase naturally grants more freedom to push the boundaries of the overall concept without wasting money or playing it too safe.

David Leak Logistics now offers free, no fuss returns on any item that is sold on approval. Pieces will be carefully situated in accordance with the clients wishes for them to observe. Any unwanted/unsold items can either be removed and returned there and then or collected at a later date when the decision has been made. All done in accordance with the dealers discretion and mutual agreement between all concerned.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss more about David Leak Logistics’ free returns offer. We hope it will encourage sales and help to create exciting interior project opportunities for twenty-nineteen!! Head over to the contact page without further ado… it will be great to hear from you 🙂

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