Auction “Collect & Send” Service

Our catered service for all your post sale needs. We work independently of sale rooms and other courier services, allowing us to focus on providing the best solution to your individual requirements. In some instances this couldn’t be any more straightforward. Collection of a small, single lot, expertly wrapped and shipped direct to your door.

When it comes to a dozen fragile lots, over 4 sales at 3 different salerooms? Ahh, now we’re talking!

With regular visits to all the Northwest auctions, collections are a cinch. Our premises are within a private secure compound, manned 24 hours a day which means we all sleep with a peace of mind while your items are kept in our care. When the consignment is ready it will receive meticulous packing for safe transit and the best national or international courier service chosen to suit. Or preferably it will be our good selves taking care of that final leg in a lot of cases.

We use recycled and bio-degradable packaging material where appropriate. Yes – Join the green bubble wrap revolution!!

Take a look at our list of North West salerooms and auctions by clicking here

Fairs & Exhibitions

The Antiques and Fine art industry has a rhythm. The busy peaks throughout the year mirror the build up to the important sales and distinguished trade fairs. We love the buzz and excitement in the weeks before a fair, dealers frantic to get items to and from restorers in time or make last minute purchases to complete the appeal of their stand. Its all or nothing we’re led to believe.

Being part of the fair is something we embrace. Seeing the marquees take shape for Masterpiece and PAD, witnessing the NEC come to life with dozens of dealers, the calm before the whirlwind of art lovers and collectors storm the stage.

Regular attendees at the seasonal NEC fairs, Battersea Decorative, Olympia and this year PAD to name a few.  A fuss free, professional approach aimed to eliminate the stress and elevate the appeal of your display. Get in touch to discuss how we could be of service at your next fair or event.


We offer a competitive service from the North West to mainland Europe as an alternative to a large scale removal company or shipper. From our Lancashire HQ we are a short drive to the P&O terminal at Hull, which serves a direct ferry to Rotterdam. From there, Holland, Belgium, Luxembourg and the length of France are within easy reach.

A hot tub and furnishings to a decadent alpine ski retreat in Bourg, several relocation services to Barcelona, the Rhōne-Alps and Côte d’Azure regions of France and the annual Symposium of Japanese Arms & Armour in Amsterdam were some of the highlights within the last 12 months.

Get in touch to discuss how we may be of service for your forthcoming European venture.

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