Welcome to the new website

Thanks for taking a moment to browse the site. I hope it will encourage a long and fruitful working relationship between some of us in the future. Please take a second or two to fill in your details on the contact page and receive a brief update on saleroom visits and planned routes, not to mention fresh blog content!!

Chance would be a fine thing?! I’m taking time out this week after a hectic build up towards London’s Asia week which officially starts on Thursday (1/11/18). All eyes are on the saleroom’s and galleries for the next 10 days or so, exposing some of the best and most desired Asian artefacts money can buy. We also have the Olympia winter fair in full swing as of yesterday and reports so far are good. Footfall is strong and keen to spend!

But with all this going on there’s not much moving around to be done for a fine art courier this week… so it’s a bit of well earned downtime, catch up on paperwork and get cracking on the old self assessment 😦 Oh well, had to start sometime.

I’m excited to see the next few days unfold with some mouthwatering Auction lots coming up that I know will get paddles waving in the salerooms. I’m thinking Woolley & Wallis might smash a few records with their two hundred and forty odd page catalogue for their sale on the 14th. It’s a good read….


Asian Art in London 2018

Woolley & Wallis

Olympia Winter Fair

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